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Tide Calculator helps you predict the times of Slack Water and shows when streams are fastest in either direction.


Upon purchasing this design, you will be sent the files to download, print off on A4 (we recommend the thickest paper/card your printer can take), cut out the templates then assemble the parts together.


Once assembled, simply turn the wheel so the time of High Tide lines up with the black arrow and read off the times of Slack Water and maximum flow in either direction.


Please note: the video clip and image of assembly parts are not for this location, but act as simple guides to explain the Tide Calculator concept. 


    This product is protected under international copyright laws and it is illegal to copy or re-sell the design. 


    The cycle of streams and timings shown in this Tide Calculator are for a single location in the position marked by the lat/lon co-ordinates in the centre

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