Our maps are produced to the highest possible standards which is achieved by giclee printing the design on 310gsm hahnemuehle German Etching acid-free paper using archival inks (this image is simply a low resolution sample to provide an idea of design and layout)

If you would like the map framed (cost £60) you can add this in the shopping basket when you pay.

The paper size is A3 (420mm x 297mm).

Allow 5 working days for delivery of unframed maps, 10 days for framed maps.

Boost your knowledge of the sea with our Explorer Pocket Guides, coming soon.

Tidal Compass prints are works of art for home that help you stay smart at sea. 

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Write to: Tidal Compass Limited, Coast House, 32 The Beach, Deal, Kent, UK, CT14 7HN


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