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This is a digital download for our DIY Moon Calculator, designed to help you predict the tides by observing the moon phase (it comes with a 5-year Lunar Calendar)


Upon purchasing this design, you will be sent the files to download, print off on A4 (we recommend the thickest paper/card your printer can take), cut out the templates then assemble the parts together.


Once assembled, simply turn the wheel so the moon phase lines up with the central window at the top and read off the time of High Tide for your location, the tide intensity and when the moon will rise and set.


Please take note that the times in this calculator are approximate - double check with a secondary source for precise timings.




    This product is protected under international copyright laws and it is illegal to copy or re-sell the design. 

  • LATITUDES 30-60N

    The times of moonrise and moonset in this Moon Calculator are for latitudes 30-60N, with most accurate results the closer you get to 45 degrees north. 

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