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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Launching in spring 2021, Tidal Compass News will bring you inspirational #SeasThePower stories from around the world.

Nazare in Portugal, home to the world's biggest wave ever surfed. Credit @TidalCompass

The concept of our news channel is to report live conditions around the world and share how the pro's plan extraordinary adventures to harness this energy, whether it's the wind, waves, tides or currents. You can then apply that knowledge to your own sessions, maximising safety and performance - so it is both inspirational and educational.

Your can then apply that knowledge to their own sessions, maximising safety and performance.

The articles will be written by our Adventure Correspondent Danny Burrows, a passionate waterman and talented journalist whose career includes editorship of Onboard magazine. Danny will write two features per adventure; one before, exploring what conditions are expected and the plan to #SeasThePower, then another afterwards reflecting on the experience and lessons learnt. This will create a journey for you to follow and we will be documenting the sessions live on our social media @TidalCompass.

Skookumchuck in British Columbia; the wave only happens at a set time before high tide. Credit @TidalCompass

While the channel is focused towards adventure, we will be also be sharing new developments in ocean energy projects. Studies have shown that 25% of our electricity could be generated from the sea's power, but less than 1% is actually produced - mostly due to a lack of financial support in the industry. We feel passionately that this under-utilised resource is essential in achieving renewable energy targets and battling climate change, so we hope our articles will help raise awareness of these phenomenal engineering projects, from seawalls that absorb the power of waves to underwater turbines that spin in the current.

25% of our electricity could be generated from the sea's power, but less than 1% is actually produced

In the true spirit of Tidal Compass, our ocean energy articles will still provide a strong practical element for the saltwater adventurer. By sharing the expertise from professionals pioneering 'blue electricity', we will bring you a deeper understanding of the processes that generate the sea's power - knowledge that will be equally useful for your sessions out on the water as they are in turning ocean energy into electricity to power our lives.

Harnessing the ocean's energy in Scotland. Credit @Corpower


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