What is an Ocean Day?


On the surface, a Tidal Compass ‘Ocean Day’ is a teambuilding experience collecting plastic from the beach and creating a public work of art from the detritus, while learning about the natural processes that circulate plastic around the world’s oceans. An optional film of the day can be used as a marketing opportunity to show your commitment to helping clean our oceans and tackle the climate crisis. 


On a deeper level, the day develops communication skills, creativity and leadership in your team. The four-hour experience is divided into four one-hour sessions, each targeting a specific discipline. Using tides as an example, Stage 1 explores how to analayse trends and develop strategies. Stage 2 is the beach clean, showcasing the positive effects of collective effort. Stage 3 is the creation of an artwork from the plastic; this is an opportunity for individuals to present their ideas to the group, practicing leadership skills.  Finally, Stage 4 is a demonstration explaining the global winds and currents that circulate plastic around the world; communication skills are critical as the group simulates a complex network of moving parts.





 11:00 > 12:00

Starting at Deal Pier, 300 metres out to sea, William explains how the day is planned around the cycles of tides, drawing parallels with the world of business by analysing trends and developing strategies.


0 - 10 people = £3,450

11 - 20 people = £4,450

21 - 30 people = £5,450

31 - 40 people = £6,450

These costs include professional photography from our media team + refreshments at 11:00 and lunch at 13:00





The location in Deal, Kent, is easily accessible to London with an 80-min high speed train link direct with St Pancras. 


The 09:37 train from St Pancras arrived Deal at 11:00, just a stones throw from the beach. The day finishes at 3pm, a perfect time to catch the 15:31 train, arriving St Pancras 16:55.

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