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Tide School shares online material to boost your sea-safety and performance. It is for all ages, abilities and activities - and you can do it from anywhere in the world, at any time. 

You can sign up with the secure form below or by setting up a monthly BACS payment. There are no time obligations and you can cancel your membership at any time.


  • Membership

    Every month



Modules to boost your knowledge

Each month, a new module element will be uploaded to boost your knowledge of the nine elements affecting the sea; tides, streams, the moon, wind, waves, rips, clouds, currents and stars. There will be three levels to each module, each with a test and answers to reinforce your learning. 



Creative sessions to enhance your awareness

Once a month a new ‘Reading the Sea’ video will go live, designed to enhance your awareness of what happens around you at sea. Each video will focus on a single element, sharing the clues it is telling you about what the sea is doing and what to expect next. 



Challenges to refine your planning skills

A monthly planning challenge will refine your planning skills, sharing techniques for how you can predict the best times for specific adventures. The focus is on harnessing the sea’s power while minimising risk, with the exercises based on real places with realistic condition. 

The content outlined above will be uploaded every week to a members-only area of Tidal Comapss where you will also you get:


> Unlimited access to 'Learn from the Pro's' interviews

> A 20% discount on Pocket Guides


> An extensive dictionary to learn the language of the sea

> Expert assistance with common questions answered


> An invitation to a members-only Facebook group

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