Tide Walks provide an introduction to Tide School, sharing essential knowledge of tides, waves, winds and currents.

Perfect for watersports clubs like swim groups, these informal walks can take place on any beach at any time, in all seasons and conditions, and will help make sense of what you experience in the water.  

"With the aid of drawings and demonstrations, William will

demystify the workings of the ocean as you stroll along the shore"



Our planning sessions help you harness the ocean's energy to your advantage.

Ideal for professional athletes and explorers, our planning sessions give you a competitive advantage by sharing techniques that make use of the cycles of the sea to help achieve your goals.

"William evidently has a good grasp of the science, and because he spends much of his time surfing, sea swimming and sailing

he is able to speak from first-hand experience."



Tide Talks share the extraordinary workings of our seas.

Drawing upon William's experiences travelling to the worlds most spectacular tidal environments, from whirlpools to tidal bores and rogue waves, this engaging talk open your eyes to the incredible workings of our seas.

The Captains Log shares our learning through adventure,

equipping you with the knowledge to #SeasThePower

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